About Us

    About Our Company

    We are civil, geotechnical and environmental engineers specialize in soil and rock mechanics, foundation engineering
    and environmental site assessments.

    Our capabilities include exploration of surface and subsurface conditions through a variety of field techniques
    including geologic mapping, drilling with hollow-stem and bucket-auger rigs, downhole logging, and seismic surveys.  
    We provide geotechnical, environmental and geological services for all phases of civil engineering projects including
    planning, design,construction and maintenance.

    Based on field and laboratory tests, we can perform static and dynamic analyses including allowable soil pressures,
    total and differential settlement, lateral earth pressures, pavement thickness, subsidence, soil collapse potential, uplift
    pressures, shoring and tie-back design, retaining walls, slab support, pile design, soil liquefaction, seismic response
    spectra, slope stability. We are familiar with both rigid and flexible pavement design and development of
    recommendations regarding site grading.

    Our staff provides recommendations for the site preparation and grading necessary for a proposed project.

    We provide evaluating seismic risks such as ground rupture, locating active faults and identifying evidence of
    earthquake shaking effects such as liquefaction and landsliding as well as in the performance of landslide
    investigations and providing recommendations for stabilizing potentially unstable slopes.

    We offer our professional services throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. We are committed to provide these
    professional services in the most efficient and cost effective manner that we guarantee you will find uncommon in this
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